Avoid Bedbugs At Your Place

Bed bugs are something that nobody wants to think about. However, they are becoming increasingly more common in more and more places throughout our nation. People used to think that having bed bugs was a indication of poor hygiene, but the reality is that bed bugs can infest any home at any time.

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Bed Bug Pest Control Toronto

There are definite signs to look out for that might indicate that you have a bed bug problem in addition to ways to regularly inspect your house so you can catch a bed bug infestation early. Once you know you have a bed bug problem, there are several methods that professional pest control companies use to eliminate them.

Bed bug bites are distinctive for a few reasons. First, there will most likely be clusters of snacks on your body. Bed bugs will bite and then only move a small amount before biting again so you will have several bites in a line, a curve, or a cluster. The rashes will be itchy, red, and raised. They look sort of like a bad mosquito bite. If you are waking up with snacks like these, then chances are that you have a fairly advanced bed bug infestation.


If you want to find bed bugs before you get bit, then there are other signs you can look for. Every other week when you change your sheets, you need to do an inspection of your mattress and the foundation boards supporting your bed to search for signs of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are nocturnal so you probably will not find the bed bugs yourself, but instead their excrement. You’ll see little black dots along the seams on your mattress or across the base boards or edges of your headboard. Additionally it is possible to observe a bed bug. They are the size of a small apple seed and red brown in color. They seem redder immediately after a feeding and they do not fly.

In addition to regular inspections, you can help prevent the spread of bed bugs in your house by being careful about what you bring into it. If you travel, be sure to wash all clothes immediately and wrap the suitcase or bag in a plastic garbage bag for a few days to kill any stow aways that you might have brought home. When in hotels, never put your clothes in the drawers or on the mattress. Keep everything in your suitcase and keep the bag on a raised hard surface like the desk or bathroom counter.

If you discover that you have bed bugs, then your very best bet is to call a professional pest control services offering ‘bed bugs heat treatment Oakville. Bed bugs are especially hard pests to get rid of and you’ll need the help of a professional. There are lots of procedures which can be used to exterminate bed bugs.

The pest control service will probably start by spraying a bed bug spray to kill as many bugs as possible right away. In addition they might use freezing or heating techniques. They could raise the temperature of a room with heaters once it’s sealed to kill any eggs in addition to adult bugs. Some businesses use dry ice to freeze out bed bug infestations. You can also visit this website to know more about bedbugs.