A Brief Introduction To US Foreign Policy

A foreign policy is the strategy of the government to deal with other nations. U.S. foreign policy is its interaction with other foreign nations through peace and progress. The goal of U.S. foreign policy is to conserve its national security by maintaining healthy relations with other nations to promote world peace and securing the global environment in order to maintain a balance of power among nations.

Rob Sobhani is an eminent author who has penned books on U.S. immigration foreign policies. One of the most important objectives of U.S. foreign policy is the national interest. Security and well-being of the citizens from war is the primary objective of this policy.

U.S. foreign policy

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The following methods that are adopted to preserve their nation are:

  1. Diplomatic negotiations which mean that the political discussions that are intended to produce an agreement.
  2. By adopting Coercive Measures and Forcible Means.
  3. By conducting alliances (union or association) between two or more nations for mutual benefit.
  4. Economic aid.
  5. Promoting a political cause or point of view.
  6. Cooperation of several countries in an alliance to strengthen the security of each i.e. collective security.

The United States has diplomatic relations with all countries in the Middle East except Iran, whose 1979 revolution brought in commitment to the opposition or dislike towards American government.