How Can You Make Your Granite Kitchen Worktops Look Brand New

Kitchen worktops made up of granite stone is among the most popular and most widely used kitchen work surfaces of this time, mainly because of its traditional yet stylish look.

Some of its natural properties like resistance from scratches, heat, stains, as well as being durable makes it even better.

Kitchen Work Tops

Though it is so popular, not all house owners know the tricks of maintaining these work surfaces in their kitchen. If you want to use the worth of your money and take full advantage of this kitchen utility, you have to remember certain things which are mentioned as below:

  • Do not ever use your granite kitchen work surface for chopping, in its place make use of chopping board. Chopping with sharp knives can create markings on your worktop and acidic cooking ingredients can also leave stains.

Kitchen Worktops

  • If your worktop is damaged severely, do not worry too much because these types of accidents normally happen in a kitchen. So clean your work surface and call for immediate help from
  • Though granite kitchen worktops are said to be heat resistant, still there are restrictions. Extreme heat on a particular area can damage your granite worktops. So it is wise to use heat resistant mats.
  • Use coasters when for placing your drinks on the counter, whether it is hot or alcoholic drinks, it may cause stain.
  • Do not place very heavy items on the work surface to avoid too much pressure on it which may lead to minor damage.

Granite worktops

  • Immediately wipe spills especially if it is an alcoholic drink otherwise the granite may absorb it, causing staining.
  • You may apply coatings like sealants on your granite worktops which will protect them from liquid absorption in every six months.
  • Cleaning drainage with the help of sponge.
  • You can use warm water and a neutral PH soap for cleaning your granite work surface.
  • Keep a check on your granite worktops. Find any faulty defective parts, if any. You may find more fantastic articles on granite worktops cleaning through internet.