Information About Wide Format Printers

A wide format printer or large format printer is a kind of printer that can print widths from seventeen inches to hundred inches and wider. These wide format printers are usually used to print large banners, posters, and other large format signage. They may be more beneficial than other approaches such as screen-printing. There are some factors to look into when choosing a new wide format printer that is suitable for your needs.

First is the speed of the printer. Another aspect that you may need to look into is the ease of use. Different brands of them have different user interfaces. You should also need to look into the monochrome performance of the printer because of the growing popularity of black and white photographs.

In terms of smoothness of tonal transitions, shadow details, and highlights, the wide format printer shine. You can also look for to get best services for your wide format printer.

Aside from these factors, you may need to consider other factors like reliability and dealer service. These are particularly important as you want to get printers that are operational 99.9% of the time and in the case they break down, you need to get services as soon as possible.

You should also compare the ink economy of the different printers. If you have your own print store then you need to use the least amount of ink to get the desired level of color quality.

Inks used by wide format printers

Super wide format printers utilize various technologies that may be classified according to the type of ink used. Thermal wide format printer will use inks that are aqueous. There are two kinds of aqueous inks: dyes and pigments. Dye inks have great color but low UV resistance. They also give the widest range of available colors. Pigment inks usually have duller color but can better withstand fading from the UV rays.