Maintaining Your Diesel Pickup Truck Performance in the Winter

Here are some tips that will assist you to get the best performance out of your diesel truck during cold weather.

Before it becomes too cold outside, be certain that your diesel engine is adapted for the cold weather necessitates.

If your vehicle needs glow plugs, make assure that they are in stable working order before the climate gets too cold. These small electric heaters are fitted in each cylinder.

Before the vehicle is ignited, these heaters warm the combustion chambers. Be sure that you enable the glow plugs to do their job before using your vehicle starter. Cold combustion chambers will cause a tough start, a rough run and a loss in fuel economy. If you are looking for diesel performance parts you may visit PureDieselPower.

Winter also cause an extra drain on your battery. When it is cold, it takes a lot more power to get everything moving. It takes about 1,000 amps during cold weather to get your vehicle moving. Be sure that you will not get taken short on a cold day without sufficient juice in your battery.

Difficulty starting
Plugged diesel fuel filters and injectors

To try to solve these problems, diesel fuel dispensers make changes to fuel mixes as the climate gets colder. The more pure number 1 diesel is mixed with the more usually used number 2 diesel.

This winterized diesel has parts that are more immune to the difficulties caused by the cold. Biodiesel is moreover winterized by adding more pure fuel into the mix. Since these mixtures are weather dependent, distributors vary the mix based on the local climate.