Why Have Online News Portals Overshadowed The Newspapers?

All the technological developments are based on one principle that is- ‘Enhancing the Comfort’. In the last decade, rapid growth in technology has significantly changed the traditional way of interacting. Now the social media is the whole world in itself. Gone are the days when you got news only of a limited territory.

Technology development and internet has made possible for all of us to get an eye on the whole world on a single screen. You can easily get news of whole Coachella Valley here at https://ukenreport.com/.  

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More importantly unlike the old days of the reading newspaper, you do not have to wait for the morning to get the news. Now you just have to pick your electronic gadget and turn on the internet, the whole world will be in your pocket.   

Why newspaper lost its importance is because newspaper gets printed at midnight and the events occurring after that time would reach to your plate next morning. This time gap allowed the advent of the television, radios, and online news portals.

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But now people want information within a matter of few minutes of its occurrence. So, online news portals completely rule over today’s world, especially for youth. Whenever anything is reported anywhere in the world, you will get news on the internet within a few minutes.

More importantly today half of the world population is using the internet. And this number is increasing continuously as the internet is reaching in every corner of the world. Nowadays, you can get news from websites, apps, social media and all sorts of digital platforms.

online news

This transition of the world to digital age has contributed a lot in overshadowing of the newspapers and the advent of the online news portals. You can also browse this website to know more about online news portals.