Points You Need to Remember While Hiring Bounce Castle

People searching bouncy castles online often think that they can’t book inflatable castle online and even have lots of misunderstanding about the pre booking, cancellation, and refunds.

Bouncy Castle, Bouncy Castle hire

In fact, there are many agencies you can contact for the best bouncy castle hire in Perth. They have a simple procedure of hiring which would be convenient and easy for any average party organizer.

The most common question that every person has in his mind about hiring bouncy castle are explained below:-

Should one pay for booking in advance?

Almost each and every inflatable bouncy castle hire agency ask to deposit some advance money to make your reservation sure. For this, you don’t need to visit agency office to make advance payment.

Bouncy Castle, Bouncy Castle hire

You can just go to their website and make advance payment by choosing online payment gateway which provides you a number of payment options such as credit/debit card and internet banking and you may have to pay rest of money on the delivery of the castle equipment and units.

Usually, the castle operators don’t start inflation castle until unless they receive complete payment as promised. The payment methods and T&C may vary if you are booking it for a corporate organization.

Confirmation of online payment made by you

Reputation bounce hires companies are run by professionals so you don’t need to worry about any such little issues. The company will send you payment confirmation by email and SMS as well.

Bouncy Castle, Bouncy Castle hire
bouncy castle

You can even take steps against the agency if they’re unable to deliver bouncy castle on time as promised during booking.

About castle damaged?

As bouncy castles are made of PVC and filled with air, so there are chances of getting punctured or blast. If poor supervision, fire exposure or any other reason was the for bouncy castle damage than you may have to pay full compensation for the damage.