Popup Camping Trailers – An Affordable Alternative To RV

Enjoying your vacations outdoors is fun. But bookings hotels or tickets in advance is quite stressful. This time do something different for your vacations. Plan instead for a CAMPING TRIP……

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. WHAT DO YOU THINK???

To enhance the experience and cherish the memories for coming years, get a pop up trailer for your stay instead of tents.

This trailer can be used multiple times for trips, but they are pretty inexpensive. These campers not just aid in travelling, staying but also enjoying to the fullest at your favorite outdoor area.

types of Trailers

What I personally like about popup trailer is that, it is one of the most economical and easy way to camp with your family and have fun for as many days as you want.

It is better recognized as “popup tent trailer”. It is a compact in size and can easily be attached to the hitch of your car. Weekender-trailer is one of the good examples of camping trailers, and perfect for a family trip.

Pop up trailers are available in two other designs:

• The Excel model: This unit is compact in size; you don’t have to hitch it with your car. Moreover, it does not consume a lot of fuel to carry it.
1. Popup excel tent campers are very smartly designed, since a full sized tent unit is neatly folded into the compartment of the trailer’s base.
2. After reaching your desired destination, you don’t have to do much, just unfold the durable canvas tent material and accumulate it with the help of a metal rods already provided in it.
3. Excel pop up tent campers has two sections, head room area of covers 6 feet 4 inches and a bed length of approx. 6 inches.


• The Original Cycle model: This trailer’s tent is quite big in length; it is measured to be 11 feet in length when fully opened. It offers enough space to sit in, relax and enjoy the view. You can get full information on popup tent trailers online also.
1. The most exciting part of this unit is that you can double as a canopy cover that can be built over a picnic table area.
2. Secondly, the external camper portion also contains racks for easy settlement of large items like bicycles. I think you will also agree that it is a very good and affordable replacement of a full sized RV.
3. I am sure this small sized unit will easily fit into your budget.