Selecting the Ideal Surveillance Camera for Your Work

Regardless of the remarkable developments in computer and camera technologies, you do not necessarily have to leap right into a camera protection system alternative. For many programs, the older analog, regular resolution cameras are nice.

Below are a number of situations and suggestions to put you in the ideal direction when picking cameras for security surveillance purposes.

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Corridor or Entry Way Surveillance

One or more cameras studying a spectacle of 10-25 ft in mounted and dimension less than 25 ft off. In this scenario, the digital camera using a normal resolution of 640×480 will offer adequate detail to recognize an individual or translate a spectacle.

These can do the task, but do not expect a good picture quality. More realistically, these ptz cameras are having the adequate quality to produces sharp, clear, pictures in bright sunlight or low light ( dusk ) conditions.

Busy Corridor or Retail Store Surveillance

Within this situation, a comparatively large area, maybe 30-100 feet wide is surveilled, tracking many subjects. This is where regular video resolutions start to fail. The cameras aren’t capable of generating enough detail around the broad scene.

They rely on zoom and USB ptz camera programs to track sections of this scene. Obviously, so that they can’t track the whole scene simultaneously. So either detail has been overlooked, or many cameras are needed, significantly increasing prices.

Within this program, one or 2 megapixel IP system camera excels. Frequently just one camera of the kind using a fixed focus lens will offer adequate detail to recognize a topic or translate a spectacle 100 feet in diameter.

No more pan-tilt mechanism is necessary, and the spectacle could be tracked in one frame. You may expect to pay between $400 to $1,000 for a camera of the type, inclusive of this lens. They can be found both as wireless apparatus and invisibly through Cat 5 cable.

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