How To Socialize Your Jack Russell Terrier Dog

A Jack Russell terrier dog is a dog of a kind that is undeniably clever, sporty, courageous and vocal. Due to these qualities people consider him fit for hunting fox in older times.

But just because of these tough characteristics, it doesn’t mean that he cannot be taken home as a new family member, as a companion, and guardian of the whole house and family.

Jack Russell Terrier Dog

If your Jack Russell terrier dog is well taught and properly socialized, you will never have to face problems that would harm your relationship. For more details on nature and behaviour of Jack Russell Terrier Dog, you may visit

The most important part of a Jack Russell terrier dog’s training is socialization. The socialization part of the training should start when the dog’s age is of around three weeks.

During this period the puppy starts developing a behaviour which is very imperative in creating social relationships.

Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

In this period the puppy learn about many different things like their mother, humans, fellow litter mates and other pups and adult dogs as well.

They should also be taught about bicycles, cars, trips and other things that are associated with humans so that they can come over their stress and fear.

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Socialize Your Jack Russell Terrier Dog

You should start socializing your puppy by introducing him to your family members and other pets one by one. Then slowly increase the number of people, sounds and other conditions.

You can introduce your Jack Russell pup to your friends and their pets only after getting him vaccinated against various infections and virus like parainfluenza, distemper virus and canine parvovirus.

If your puppy feels secure in meeting new people at your home, then he is ready to be taken out on roads and parks. But if possible do not take him to places where he can acquire diseases.

Avoid taking him out in peak hours as the environment at that time is too noisy which can terrify your Jack Russell and cause nervousness and violence.