How To Start Your Career In Dental Industry?

Dental industry is one of the most sought-after career in Australia because the dental industry holds massive employment opportunities for the youth. Unlike other industries, the dental industry is expected to grow in the upcoming years.

If you go by the stats, almost everyone on this planet is suffering from the one or other kind of dental problems. Dental cavities are something that seems inevitable. To cater the needs of such a huge population, countries need a huge amount of workforce in the dental industry.

Dental Visit

If you get in the dental industry, you will get a sureshot job, but now the question is, “How to get into the dental industry?

The best ways to enter into the dental industry is by becoming a dental assistant and dental hygienist. If you are looking for a dental assistant training course, AADA is pioneer dental school that can groom you. Both the dental hygienist and dental assistant work under the supervision of the dentists. But their salary, education training, and role are quite different from each other.

dental hygienist student

To become a dental assistant in Australia you need to undergo through one year of dental assisting training. Once you are awarded certificate III in dental assisting, you can work as the dental assistant anywhere in Australia. To register for the dental training course, you can visit this link:

However, the path to become a dental hygienist is a little difficult and long. You have to complete a bachelor degree program or an associated degree program to become a qualified dental hygienist.

dental hygienist

However, as the path of both the dental hygienists and dental assistant are different, their salaries are also different. On average, the annual salary of the dental assistant is $36,940. On the other hand, the salary of the dental hygienist is nearly double around $72,910.

Both are the good options to get into the dental industry. You can also navigate this website to know more about a dental hygienist.