A Systems Approach To Disruptive Physicians Behavior

Disruptive behavior in health care has been defined as unacceptable and offensive personal conduct that leads to disruptions of professional activities in the workplace. The most common approaches to disruptive professionals have largely focused exclusively on the identified physician.

This focus has been determined to be inefficient for a number of reasons, in particular, because of the recurrence of this behavior after a period of time. Here in this article, we have shown some of the new conceptualization of behavior disruptive disorder.

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The problem is first analyzed to demonstrate the impact of the disruption on team functioning. A notable disruption in team interaction is shown through an analysis of the clinical team’s social network.  Significant role disorder is found among support professionals in the clinical team.

The case is then analyzed to discover the usefulness of the behavior to the disruptive physician. A system-based arbitration is developed and disruptive behavior is decreased. Some analysis has shown that three percent of physicians exhibit disruptive conduct based on interviews with physicians and other health care professionals.

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Though, a state physician health program has shown up to 70 percent of the physicians referred are for problems that could be labeled as disruptive behavior. Hospitals and health care are required to report unsafe working conditions and treat disruptive physicians to maintain discipline in the workplace.

Disruptive behavior is generally defined as:

  • Physical harassment
  • Ethnic slurs
  • Bullying and abusive language
  • Inappropriate criticism, sarcasm or cynicism
  • Late or improper replies to calls
  • Threats of violence, punishment, or inappropriate use of lawsuit or threats of litigation

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There are a number of other damages associated with disruptive physician behavior, including decreased staff confidence, decreased job satisfaction, increased staff shortage and increased time spent in investigations and counseling.  Visit this site to get more information about disruptive physician behavior and their impact on healthcare.