Tree Pruning And Trimming Services

When one sees an expert performing tree pruning and trimming services then he may find the work easy. But this is not true, it is more than just cutting. Professional knows the following set of things such as:

  • What portions to cut?
  • How much cutting is needed?
  • When should to cut?

Both the terms trimming and pruning relate to tree cutting. They are often used interchangeably. But one thing that you should know is trimming relates to grooming whereas pruning is done for tree’s health, the safety of people and structure near the tree. You can go for north shore tree service if you want tree trimming to be done.

Tree Trimming Services

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Cutting Classifications

People classify tree pruning and trimming services in four categories. Among them, two categories are used for trimming whereas the other two categories are used for pruning.

  • The first category of trimming or pruning goes with improving tree’s appearance.
  • The second one involves improving tree’s structure.
  • The third one is known as safety pruning or hazard pruning where branches are cut for safety purpose.
  • The fourth is a crown reduction. In which branches are removed from tops or sides of trees. This is done so that trees don’t reach utility lines or damaging roofs and to allow sunlight to reach inner branches.


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Pruning the Right Way

The professionals of tree pruning and trimming services make sure that tree is pruned correctly and efficiently. If you want to do pruning yourself then make sure that the barks on the edges of pruning cuts are strong.  While cutting heavy branches, make sure that you get them in section so that there is no splitting or tearing of bark.

  • Make the use of rope in order to lower the large branches.
  • After cutting the branch, place it on the ground safely