What does FTP stand for?

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It is used for It is basically used to transfer the files either between the computer and the server. While creating the website, The web pages are designed using the form of HTML editor.

Once the website is created, then the web pages are transferred to the server at the time of hosting. For transferring the file from the computer to server there is always a requirement of sftp server.

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You will find several paid and free FTP software to download online from where you need to select the secure FTP server.

When you got the software you want then you need to install it on your computer and enter the FTP account details provided by your web hosting service provider. The details include your site name, FTP host name, user ID, and password.

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Once you have completed with filling the details then there would be an option to connect to the server and if the details entered by you are correct then the software will establish a connection with the server and will also list all the files and folders from your server.

There is not exactly a way to transfer files to the server. It is always preferred to set up a system that you think is best for you and try to follow it every time. This will make sure that you have missed some files out.

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In this way, FTP is used nowadays for the transferring purposes. So, it is always recommended to download the secure software for the transfer of the information to the server. You can also check this useful reference to know more about the file transfer protocol.